615 - Katedra analytické chemie a zkoušení materiálu
616 - Katedra ochrany životního prostředí v průmyslu
617 - Katedra chemie
618 - Katedra metalurgie
619 - Katedra fyzikální chemie a teorie technologických pochodů
632 - Katedra slévárenství
633 - Katedra tváření materiálu
635 - Katedra tepelné techniky
636 - Katedra materiálového inženýrství
637 - Katedra neželezných kovů, rafinace a recyklace
638 - Katedra automatizace a počítačové techniky v metalurgii
639 - Katedra kontroly a řízení jakosti
EkF........... - Ekonomická fakulta
FAST... - Stavební fakulta
FS.................. - Strojní fakulta
FEI............ - Fakulta elektrotechniky a informatiky
HGF......... - Hornicko-geologická fakulta
FMMI.. - Fakulta metalurgie a materuálového inženýrství
FBI............ - Fakulta bezpečnostního inženýrství
  Profile of graduates

Profile of our branch graduate student is specified as a well-balanced interconnection of technical and technological knowledge, systematic economical knowledge and industrial management tools knowledge.

As economic specialists and managers at the same time our graduates have the advantage thanks to their technical knowledge compared to graduates from "purely" economical universities and so are preferred to their graduates by employers in the sphere of production management and especially in the sphere of economics and management of metallurgical, chemical and other engineering production.

The more than 50 year existence of the study branch is connected with persistent interest in its graduates from the side of practice. Our graduates have worked as managers and economic specialists not only in the production companies but also in financial, planning and research institutions on all management levels inclusive of top management.

"Meanwhile today's "engineering - production - marketing" operate in a form of serial concept, the present system approach to production leads to their parallel existence...No doubt that tomorrow's production company will not be controlled by financial managers, tradesmen or lawyers without production experiences and knowledge. Each production manager will have to learn and apply the set of disciplines which will integrate engineering, human resource management and business economics into the production process. Only very few today's production managers have the required skills."
P. Drucker: Landmarks of tomorrow, Management Press 1993

Practical experiences confirm that the connection "Engineering - Economics - Management" can be seen as a source for the development of a progressive invention in management of production systems.

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